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Urban Property Management

This is a specific and new for our country kind of management of residential property. There is a variety in the offered services according to the type of the building and the needs of the owners. In any case that is a facilitation for the people living in one residential building because this service combines the functions of the house-manager as well as the supporting staff. Besides this kind of management is connected with a lot of knowledge in the field of the real estates and particularly the co-ownership(to be familiar with the legislation and rights of use ,the accounting legislation, concerning the management and payment of the common expenses, the normative acts for employing .) The standard services include a regular control of the property through:

• A porter.
• Maintenance and cleaning of the common parts, sanitation and technical support of the common installations.
• Cleaning and maintenance of the common parts in the building (stairs, corridors, lobby, landings, parapets, doors, basements, attics, pavements etc.)
- Cleaning the glasses of the common parts (entrance door, windows, woodworks etc.
- Cleaning the elevators(doors, looking-glass, buttons etc.)
• Maintenance of the green areas, children playgrounds, alleys and parking area.
• Cleaning the alleys in front of the entrance from snow
• Technical support of the elevators by an authorized company.
• Support of the intercom.
• Standard repairs, caused by the regular use of the building (not over than 100 lv. per month.)
• Paying the bills for electricity , water-supply ,elevator services etc.

• Accountancy services and administration:

- Preparing reports for the expenses;
- Book-keeping, filling the records and registers ;
- Supplying, renewing and supervision of the subscription for maintenance.
• Regular contact with the owners including organization of common meetings of the owners.

In addition we offer:

• 24-hour yearly security with guards and security appliances .
• 24-hour connection with the police (SOD) by panic-button.
• Co-operation in preventing of the conflicts if necessary .
• An opportunity of installing an individual equipment of observations and notifications.
• Accepting parcels for the residents of the building on their instruction.
• Keepings the parcels till personal delivery.
• A babysitter.
• Walks for the pets.
• A housemaid.
• Paying of individual bills.
• Repairs of damages n the apartments-individual.
• Renting the common parts(which is extra payed).
• Insurances.


A copy from the Notary deed and a Contract for management .
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