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­The owners, who ensured the maintenance and cleaning of the possessed property personally or using the services of other mediator, but who desire to return the investment they made by renting out the apartment, can use this service of ours. We can co-operate for: • The advertisement, which is e priority of a specialized section of our company, because this is a very important step in renting. That is why the selection of the internet sites for tourist аdvertisement and the ways the property is presented are of basic importance.Our advertisement section prepares a specific presenting strategy on local and international level, keeping in contact with tour operators and individual clients. The correct presenting of the property from the tour operators is of essential importance, that is why we organize advertisement tours and work with well known names in this branch.

• Preparing an inventory of the property.
• Renting out the property to third person-on a short or long-term basis:
- Meeting the guests, checking in and registering the tourists;
- Informing about and ensuring the proper hotel services, according to the type of the basis;
- Preparing the corresponding financial documents during the stay in the hotel.
• Cleaning the property and laundry:
- Cleaning with vacuum cleaner and airing the rooms;
- Dusting;
- Laundry and changing the linen and towels;
- Providing the apartments with the needed consumables and changing them regularly;
- Cleaning and disinfection of the sanitary premises.

• Tourist services:

- Attraction and entertainment of a local character and different tours during the stay;
- Our team keeps in contact with ski instructors and firms dealing with the ski runs and lifts in the winter resorts, and with firms offering sea sports in the sea resorts, so we can assist you in this .

• We keep in contact with the owners-informing them about present and future rezervations, the amount of the rents, as well as preparing reports upon request. Requirements:
• It is necessary the property to be granted with Act 16 and Permission for use, so that it can be dealt with legally. For this purpose it should be started a procedure for issuing this documents ,which is connected with organization and filling of lots of documents, as well as presenting them in different public institutions and departments.
• If you would like to rent your property for long-term or short-term periods, you must have a License for this kind of activity.
• Besides all these documents and procedures, renting the apartment it must be furnished according to legal requirements that cover the standard of its categorization.
• The maintenance of the common parts of the property as well as the adjacent gardens, children playgrounds and parking area. They must be fully completed, in excellent appearance, as well as regularly cleaned and maintained .
• When renting the apartment short-term it is necessary it to be cleaned regularly, freshened and the linen must be changed few times during the week. This aims the pleasant stay of the guests.
• An important requirement is the property to be registered in The territorial tax service in order to be managed legally. Besides it must be payed the yearly Local tax for property and Refuse tax. The owners also pay tax for the received income from the rent according to the Bulgarian Legislation.
• For the undisturbed service of he property it is necessary to be concluded the next insurances :”Fire and natural hazards” and “Property damages”. The risks covered from these insurances are caused from fire, explosion, hail, flood, landslide, earthquake, as well as malicious acts caused by third person.

We can facilitate you by realizing all these requirements instead you.
For more information, please, contact us .