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Accountancy services

­According to the Bulgarian legislation, all foreign investors who have bought properties in our country as legal entities can be provided with accountancy and administrative services for the limited companies registered by them, so that they observe strictly all laws of Republic of Bulgaria.
As is said in the Accountancy legislation, all registered companies must present their annual accounts, preparing an annual tax report and together with the annual tax form, these all must be submitted in the local Tax office .
Your company is considered as performing a kind of activity if you make any kind of improvements on your property, related to partial or full renovation or reconstruction. Furthermore, your company is considered a functioning one, if it rents the property out and receives rental income. This includes receiving or issuing invoices, receipts, bank documents, paying the local fees and taxes, as well as using the services of a qualified accountant.
In order to be permanently informed about your company financial status, our financial experts keep constant contacts with you in fluent English or by e-mail (or in other ways preferred by you). If your company performs some activity (for example if you manage the property or rent it out), your accountant prepares all kinds of papers, issued or received by your company or in its name, prepares and presents to you a monthly report for the incomes and expenses represents you as a legal person in front of a number of state and public institutions, and also pays the due taxes, fees and insurance installments.


If you decide to use our services of full accountancy and administrative management of your company, as we represent you in front of all institutions in our country, you should provide us with :
• The original papers of your company.
• A letter of administration